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 My blog features new trends and topics related to Corporate Finance, Real Estate Investment and Common Law practices.  Keep up to date with the latest advice, to ensure you get ahead of the competition in these increasingly competitive fields!


Hi, This is Mateo Rodriguez

Welcome to Freedom By The Way! I am a Law graduate with industry expertise in Real Estate Investment and Corporate Planning.

 Finding relevant resources on Common law and its related branches can be difficult. Freedom By The Way is here to guide you through the complexities associated with Common Law, Real Estate, and Finance.

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Corporate Trends

Business Management Topics, Employee Engagement, Business Trends, and Corporate Policies.

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Business Budgeting, Investment Styles, Accounting, and Fund Management.

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Housing Trends, Mortgage Rates, Land Laws, and Commercial Property Tax.

Common Law

Equity and trust, Commercial law, Family Law, Contract Law, Property Law.