My Story

Hello all! I hope you have found my blog quite informative. I am glad you are here and you’ve made it this far to learn more about the face behind it all.

Mateo Rodriguez

I come from a family of lawyers (both my parents are family law practitioners) and I guess that naturally led me to pursue law school. Besides, I have always been someone who enjoyed learning and research as a kid, so that’s also a reason for taking up law. I graduated with a Law degree from Penn State Law, which helped me develop in different sectors such as banking, real-estate, and corporate organizational law.

In short, legal work has always been part of my life. However, further down the line, I started seeking a non-legal career where I could use my problem-solving skills away from that environment. I was hoping my degree would still come in handy.

So, after working as a legal intern for one year, I got hired by a real estate corporation. My parents were surprised, but they were quite supportive of my career choice. They are just glad that my degree didn’t go completely to waste!

Anyway, as I already mentioned, I love researching. Be it finance, real estate, or law, I have always made sure that I keep track of any new developments in the areas of my interest. Freedom By The Way is where I store all my daily journaling/research from my areas of interest into something useful. If you have made it this far, thank you! I hope you keep visiting my blog and find the answers you’re looking for.

Why Talk to Me?

If you need information regarding Common law practices, real estate investment or corporate finance, I’m here for you!

Knowledge on Finance

Financial literacy is the key to attain financial freedom. My work has helped me gain a lot of knowledge about corporate finance, including business funding, achieving long-term goals and working capital management.

Experience in Real Estate

I have been working in one of the top real-estate corporations for past three years. I come from a legal background, but my working knowledge has been mostly based on real estate work.

Covering Corporate Topics

Whether you are starting a new job in the corporate world or looking for tips on how to manage your employees, this blog will provide useful information for topics associated with corporate management, training ideas, and other general corporate topics.

Common Law Practices

Staying within the law is important in all aspects of your life, so it's important you know your rights. You can find articles about employment disputes, landlord and tenant, discrimination law, and others related to Common Law here.